Viedome Tech Explainers september 23, 2019

Viedome, a pioneer on technology in the healthcare sector, wanted to explain some of the new products they roll out. Commissioned by HANS Visievormgever & CreCs.

HAS – Learnings of a Professor augustus 9, 2019

Professor Antien Zuidberg, of the University of Applied Sciences, was to be given an award for her research into agriculture. Therefore, she felt that her story had to be told. And her story was a bit of a fairytale, combined with school and research. So this combination went through in combining whiteboard-like drawings in her fairytale story.

Blueriq – Woonreis Assistent augustus 9, 2019

Blueriq, a leader in the digital real estate, came with a new form of looking for estate through a Google Assistent application. Best way to show it, is through video ofcourse. Commissioned & production by Intracto (https://www.intracto.com/nl-be) Video produced (video, edit & animation) by RaptorPit

Schouten & Nelissen – Ambitions augustus 9, 2019

Schouten & Nelissen Promo for 2019: Expectations and ambitions for one of The Netherlands’ biggest coaching firms. Concept: Howdo Creative Direction (https://howdo.eu/)

Kanteel: Recruitment december 3, 2018

In opdracht van Kanteel Kinderopvang heeft RaptorPit / Ruben Swart een video gemaakt om potentiële, nieuwe medewerkers een beeld te geven wat werken bij Kanteel precies inhoudt. Hiervoor hebben wij het concept bedacht, de uitwerking en de regie.

Gemeente Oirschot – Bestuurlijke toekomst november 29, 2017

The municipality of Oirschot, The Netherlands, was in the middle of negotations since all the municipalities in the province North-Brabant were asked to question theirselves if they should merge with other municipalities. To make a long going research paper watchable, there had to be made something that would grab their attention and inform them about the options. HANS Visievormgever, a designer in Oirschot, had the idea to make an animation. The animation turned out to have a lot of information,…

Pimbio PimCell Animation juni 19, 2017

Pimbio, a one-man company by Michael Pomonarenko, might have come to a new find and product within the bio-engeneering industry. For this new product, called PimCell, the only thing left was a video or animation which would explain the work of this product. Through a combination of photorealistic 3D animation and 2D animation we created this animation.

Appelhof Anti-Snoring Braces maart 1, 2017

Appelhof & Zn., a dental laboratory, came up with revolutionary new anti-snoring braces. And Appelhof (Apple-hof) had to be shown in the animation. The project was admissioned through Apostle and together with Robert Keder the concepts were created. Production was done by RaptorPit, from animation to the audio.

BoekZo! Animation januari 28, 2017

BoekZo! needed an animation in which their bookkeeping app would be explained. Through Apostle and with drawings and graphics by Robert Keder we animated the video. And our own Ruben Swart even lent his voice to the video as voice-over artist, how cool is that?

Italiano – Stop Motion Animations
Italiano – Stop Motion Animations
Italiano – Stop Motion Animations
Italiano – Stop Motion Animations

Italiano – Stop Motion Animations januari 2, 2017

Apostle contacted us for creating animations for the famous Dutch liquorice brand Italiano Drop. For their online campaign, led by Apostle featuring concepts of our own, we created these stop motion animations to let the world become known with this Italian inspired liquorice brand!

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