Kompan – Promotional Video december 5, 2019

Kompan is the world’s leading supplier of commercial playground and fitness equipment for all environments. When they built their first indoor playground, which was quite a revolutionary concept for the company, they wanted to show the world what they made. So we made the complete video.

Blueriq – Woonreis Assistent augustus 9, 2019

Blueriq, a leader in the digital real estate, came with a new form of looking for estate through a Google Assistent application. Best way to show it, is through video ofcourse. Commissioned & production by Intracto (https://www.intracto.com/nl-be) Video produced (video, edit & animation) by RaptorPit

Schouten & Nelissen – Ambitions augustus 9, 2019

Schouten & Nelissen Promo for 2019: Expectations and ambitions for one of The Netherlands’ biggest coaching firms. Concept: Howdo Creative Direction (https://howdo.eu/)

CW Tuinhout december 3, 2018

CW Tuinhout (Garden Wood), a family company specialized in high end pavilions and garden houses, has a special place in the hearts of their clients. And now we needed to show their passion and artisan approach to new customers. So the first idea we came up with: Let them just tell them what they do and why. And that is more than enough for this special family.

Kanteel: Recruitment december 3, 2018

In opdracht van Kanteel Kinderopvang heeft RaptorPit / Ruben Swart een video gemaakt om potentiële, nieuwe medewerkers een beeld te geven wat werken bij Kanteel precies inhoudt. Hiervoor hebben wij het concept bedacht, de uitwerking en de regie.

Schouten & Nelissen: Sligro Young Talent september 17, 2018

Schouten & Nelissen, one of The Netherlands’ top coaching institutions helps Sligro employees get further by helping them with special talent programs. We helped them create a video to share this great collaboration.

Emté Food Challenge App – Promo Video maart 26, 2018

One of the biggest and known supermarkets of The Netherlands, Emté, created an app to bring healthier food standards to their costumers. This app, created with the help of Have A Nice Day Online, would had to be accompanied by a video. Together with Have A Nice Day Online we shot this video.

Have A Nice Day – Quotes december 26, 2017

Have A Nice Day Online, one of the top internet marketing agencies, is popular amongst people in both IT, design and marketing that are looking for a job. So what better way to show why it is awesome to work there (if people need another reason to do so), then by the HAND’ers tell them yourself? That’s where we came in!

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