Kanteel Childcare Promo mei 30, 2016

For the Kanteel Childcare company we were asked to create a promotional video in which some of the base values of the organization would be presented. Creatures that were created for the corporate identity needed to be animated.

Zückerhouse “Just Dance” Promo mei 30, 2016

For the Zückerhouse brand and the upcoming line we created a summer promotional shoot. Introducing two new shirts, they wanted a summer and hip backdrop, so the video was shot in Annecy, France.

Zückerhouse presents Dinosaur – Pyggi (music video) maart 22, 2016

For Zückerhouse beginning campaign we worked together with Australian based loop artist Dinosaur to create a music video in which the t-shirts by Zückerhouse would also be promoted. The song was perfect for a RaptorPit directed video, giving us the creativity to create multiple modern, semi-surrealistic characters which delve into chaos during the music video. The character Dr Schmenkel was created by 3D motion capture and compositing.

Innovation In A Week 2015 Promo Video februari 26, 2016

For the Innovation In A Week event, an event in which students from different studies try to conceptualize a new product within in a week, RaptorPit was asked to create a promovideo to promote the event. The assignment was to create a video in which the event itself would be promoted as it is: As chaotic as it is because of the pressure, but at the same time a great experience for the students. So the idea was born to…

Corporate Trailer – Studio Promo februari 15, 2016

We were asked by the award winning company Corporate Trailer to create a studio promotion film with footage they already shot. All the effects, greenscreen and animations were created by us, as is the entire edit.

Avans Moving Talent – Congress After Movie december 11, 2015

For Avans Moving Talent, an organization which wants to bring the unused talents of people in the school workfield (both students and teachers) to the surface, the assignment was to make a video after movie of the Zestor 6Congress in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht.

Tough Morning (2015) oktober 23, 2015

This short film started as a test, which escalated into a short film. Ruben Swart singehandedly created all the CGI and VFX, which took almost a year to create in his sparetime. Short science-fiction/comedy film made whilest in school as a side project. Created as a no-budget film with a on-set crew consisting of 3 including myself, production of this short took 1,5 years since we were working in our sparetime. Completely filmed in a small conference room with a…

Swamp Dragon – Pitch Video oktober 23, 2015

A pitch video created to promote the concept for the film “Moerasdraak” (Swamp Dragon), a film in which the art of famous painter Hieronymus Bosch seems reveals a dark secret. This video was used to pitch the concept to several agencies for producing the film, in which they responded positive. Because of financial setbacks within these agencies the project is put on hold, for a future release.

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